Thursday, May 29, 2008

love those innovative mom bloggers!

blogging mom melissa of now what baby recently contacted us to do a review of babysparewear. now we get many such inquiries weekly, but i thought it was quite innovative of this young mom to kick it up a notch with video reviews and slideshows. yep, reviews that allow her readers to see the product being action. luckily melissa has a willing participant: her adorable three-year-old son conner. and we also got a little bonus on our review, melissa's friend's beauty of a baby: daughter jaden! (wearing our custom sky blue outfit) she is all of 8 weeks old. so sweet...

thanks, melissa. i think you are brilliant. now i get some fun shots of our outfits to blog about. so right back at'cha! hope you and conner enjoy your toddlersparewear kit in tangerine. happy potty-training!

from a
personal perspective, i am always impressed with women who find a way to incorporate their specific interests and talents with motherhood. it is important for us moms to continue to grow as individuals and maintain that healthy balance between mom and "me." and as the kids grow, i see how inspiring it is for our children to see their mothers from a different perspective, too. bravo, melissa and all you other mom bloggers out there. keep up the good work.

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Windsor Grace said...

I totally agree. Melissa's blog is awesome, not just for mom's. I don't have any kids, but I still like to read about the products on Now What Baby.