Thursday, May 22, 2008

haiku by sharon eisenhauer

we met sharon a couple of years into our business at an abckids show... tatiana and i were walking the show and we were stopped by sharon's gorgeous diaper bags. her line has since expanded to other lifestyle bags which are just as exquisite in detail. we got to chatting with sharon and seemed to bond over the challenges of manufacturing and general frustrations of running your own business. we have remained friends through the years and have really appreciated sharon's generous friendship and willingness to offer sales leads, overseas sourcing experience and general related know-how. and we try to share with sharon what we can, too. we've shared a booth space at enk children's club in new york and at the mom2b show here in los angeles to facilitate the high costs of trade shows. sharon has even stayed in our home while exhibiting in town...because if you are a small biz, it is SO about the costs.

i think it is really important to meet and support other women who are dedicated to building a business while still maintaining a family life as we are. it makes the uphill climb a little bit more bearable... and as sharon would say: it creates good karma.

if you do not yet know haiku bags, check them out. my girls still love their haiku to-go bags and don't leave to an overnight sleepover without them.

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