Tuesday, August 12, 2008

babysparewear is on the swell list!

we were recently surprised by the ladies at swell pregnancy guide when told we were a company highlighted on the swell list, a list which features innovative pregnancy and baby products. we were flattered to see a photo of our pistachio tie-dye babysparewear kit on their spread of "products you can't have a baby without!" (check out page 25 of the 2008-2009 los angeles edition) thanks, hillary...we think you're swell, too! the guide is not only a local directory for expecting women and new moms, but also includes informative articles and coupons, too. the swell guide is currently published in los angeles and las vegas but will soon also be published in eight other cities. visit www.swellpregnancyguide.com for the online guide and for information on how to get your local copy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

l.a. fashion market august 8-12

the l.a. fashion market holiday/resort '08 starts tomorrow friday, august 8th at the california mart. so, local retailers will want to be sure to visit michael at metropolitan kids suite #A632 to view our entire line, including our eco-friendly organic babysparewear kits.

and apparently michael's skills extend beyond savvy sales professional... be sure to visit michael's fabulous new website www.metrokidsla.com

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

babysparewear at the l.a. mart

thought i'd post photos of our space at our l.a. mart showroom rosalie and friends, suite #750
. like our products, our display is simple and to the point and shows off our babysparewear offerings: from our ecochic organic line to our 3-piece fashion fix kits to our 2-piece mini makeover and toddlersparewear kits to our stand-alone spare travel bags—all concisely within a vertical 4 x 8 space.

our display can be viewed
from the front window which is pretty awesome. and we were assigned a display area which faces a collection of best-selling elvis presley licensed products. how can you go wrong hangin' with the king, right?

(besides the fact that my late brother was a life-long elvis fan, so we co
nsider that a hunka hunka burnin' luck...)

also, check out the newly & glamorously redesigned main lobby of the l.a. mart®/l.a. mart design center. this last january 2008, the center "commemorated it's 50th year as one of los angeles' mid-century icons" and the building continues to show it's commitment to the design industries with its fresh perspective on the modern lifestyle.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

announcing babysparewear's new gift mart showroom: Rosalie and Friends

we are pleased to announce another exciting expansion of babysparewear's sales efforts. we have signed with the L.A. Mart gift showroom of 26 years, rosalie and friends! the impressive 4000 square foot showroom is run by dynamic duo: rosalie and daughter robin, two industry professionals who quickly made us feel right at home! their showroom represents a multitude of top branded merchandise in all categories, from toys to books to candy to gardening supplies. this is especially exciting to us since this expands our brand's exposure to new industries with rosalie and friends' client base of gift shops, hotels, zoos, museums—all perfect venues for babysparewear travel kits. and if that isn't cool enough, the showroom is supported by an amazing team of 15 road reps! we are excited to be in such capable hands.

if you are a gift store buyer on the west coast, visit www.rosalieandfriends.com for more information on viewing our line in los angeles.