Sunday, April 27, 2008

cookie magazine wants to know...

everyone knows: if there is ever a question, ask mom. well, why should it be any different for cookie magazine? the upscale family magazine is inviting moms to share their favorite mom products via we have heard from so many of our awesome moms & customers telling us how much they love our products for our unique concept, convenience and long-lasting wear. and if we have not yet heard from you directly, your repeat orders say it loud and clear. : )

so if you have a
spare moment, let cookie magazine know babysparewear is on your list of faves. we certainly would appreciate the favor...

click the headline link above to check it out. it is a very quick form (name, email, city) and does not take more than a few clicks to get to fashion/accessories where you can type "babysparewear" as a favorite kids clothing brand.

confessions of a gift-giver...

i love gifts. but more than giving them, or receiving them for that matter, i love to wrap them. it is a well-known obsession of mine. i love the added sense of anticipation a nicely wrapped gift offers. my friends and family can usually recognize my work on a gift table from across the room. perhaps because my gifts never resemble anything from behind a department store counter. most of my ribbon is vintage or unique salvaged designer goods i collect from flea markets or downtown fabric shops. my paper is usually recycled or re-purposed. some consider the effort a waste of time. and it astounds me that to most, the act of gift-wrapping is considered a chore. for me, it is therapeutic. i am soothed by the ease in which colors, textures and muted tones take on another life with just a few quick ties. i see gift-wrapping as just another opportunity to find beauty in simplicity.

if you honor us by sending a gift from, just say the word and your gift will receive complimentary gift-wrapping and a gift message. and be assured, no baby footprints in pastel colors will ever adorn your purchase. i will make sure of that. : ) and if you need further proof, i am the same woman who will forego purchasing paper towels for the household if the only ones left at the market are the ones with printed designs...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

coming to a store near you...

we are excited to announce that our long awaited retail displays are in. designed to fit 9-12 kits depending on sizing, our modern clear acrylic displays will give our babysparewear travel kits a necessary presence at the counter...without clashing with any of our retailers' aesthetics. so if you are a retailer and can
spare some space at the counter, give us a buzz.

contact us for more details at

Friday, April 18, 2008

babysparewear - as seen in pregnancy magazine!

we are proud to report that our babysparewear fashion fix kit in the baby bunny & me style was featured in pregnancy magazine's beauty & style guide this spring. we picked one up at the baby celebration show and were pleasantly surprised to see it! thanks so much to sisters carrie & lisa of for hooking this up.

and we have to take this time to mention our even greater appreciation for the women of babyandme boutique as they have been long time supporters of babysparewear. we met these fine east coast ladies at our first ABCkids show and they were one of our very first retailers to sell our products. their brick and mortar bellini store has recently moved to the upscale center valley mall in pennsylvania. congratulations on your continued success!

ready set. go.

we know. you've been losing sleep over just how other moms use their handy, pre-packed spare outfit kits. so we thought we'd have one of our moms break it down for you. elizabeth of laverne, california offers these step-by-step instructions:

1) place your babysparewear® spare outfit kit in your diaper bag (see exhibit A above).

2) go.

and the third step, you ask. according to elizabeth, there isn't one. see, it's that simple.

thanks so much to elizabeth for the helpful demonstration. and how coincidental, it's usually #2 again which stops moms in their tracks when out with baby...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the baby planners™ seal of approval

it's official. the baby planning goddesses at the baby planners™ have deemed babysparewear worthy of their coveted seal. ellie and melissa of the baby planners™ | a baby concierge & consulting service for expectant parents are experienced moms and consultants who "taste, touch, smell, sleep with, wear, carry, push and pull every possible baby product and/or service available to provide clients with valuable expertise and the most up-to-date information available." it is only these tested products that make it on "the baby planners picks™" — an exclusive list of endorsed products and services based on quality, reliability, value and style - a unique aspect to their service and one their clients surely love! we are proud to be on "the list" especially since the baby planners™ are fellow valley girls...and quickly becoming baby planners to the stars with their growing celebrity client list, appearances on the Rachel Ray Show —not to mention their recent press on Daily Candy Kids LA this week! nice going!

tatiana and i had the pleasure of meeting ellie and melissa at the baby celebration event this weekend and must admit that they are even more impressive than their fancy seal... : ) so if you are planning for baby, give the experts a buzz. they will even do phone consultations if you are not in the area.

meet babysparewear baby james

this is james. as you can see james is quite an innovative baby. james has developed yet another use for his already functional babysparewear lap tee. james' tee is not only just a t-shirt, but part bib as well. we are positive that james has conducted extensive experimental studies on the texture and feel of a wide assortment of bibs and concluded that, without a doubt, his babysparewear lap tee is far more cozy under that super cute chin than anything else.
so moms everywhere can learn from genius baby james and equally brilliant mom amy... who needs a bib when you've got your babysparewear? (need we mention how this works in our favor as well, as now baby james will need a back-up babysparewear outfit to his first...)

to the right we can see baby james contemplating yet another product evolution in his olive moss long-sleeve lap tee. clearly, james likes to live on the edge...even if that just includes a sofa for now. amy, thanks for the kind words and for sending in the great photos. it is mutual: you love our babysparewear and we love your baby!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

visit us at baby celebration LA this weekend!

babysparewear will be exhibiting at baby celebration los angeles this saturday and sunday, april 12 and 13 at the LA Convention Center, South Hall, Hall K. show producers promise "a fun, fresh day for hip, new moms & trendy tots." come by and say hello to tatiana & myself. especially if you already know our products. we love to hear your feedback. not to mention, it's always fun to talk to other moms and meet other small business owners. for more information on the show click the link above or go to the show website at

(my cousin sandra just found out she is having her first baby boy and is so totally excited about attending. congrats again and see you there, prima!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

babysparewear receives the seal of approval

it's official. babysparewear spare outfit kits were recently given the seal of approval by, the mom-founded site "dedicated to providing women in general and mothers in particular with useful and entertaining new-car reviews.", part of the family of sites was founded by a young mother and entrepreneur kristin varela when she needed a new car to meet the growing demands of her family. kristin found that a short test drive didn’t provide her with the information that was important to her. she wanted to know which vehicles were easiest to install child-safety seats and load children into, which ones had the most functional storage compartments and which ones were most comfortable for a woman to drive. the site features reviews on cars and car travel related products with a mom perspective based on real-life mom experiences.

read mom reviewer courtney messenbaugh's testimonial on just how handy our spare outfit kits can be during an evening out at a mexican restaurant known for disappearing magaritas and an all too toddler-accessible fountain. thanks courtney. we appreciate the clever play by play. definitely a noche to remember...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

tickled pink over babysparewear!

meet our newest babysparewear model baby natalia. have you ever seen anything more darling? just look at this cuteness surrounded in pink. and those cheeks! so squeezable. thank you mom elizabeth for the precious photo. and we must offer kudos to elizabeth for balancing life as a private practice attorney, dedicated mom...and now clearly, an accomplished photographer. : )

natalia is wearing our original babysparewear outfit with pink logo.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

babysparewear attends WITI networking event

tatiana (attorney and co-owner of babysparewear) had the great pleasure of attending a WITI networking event last week. WITI (women in technology international) was founded by carolyn leighton in 1989 to "empower women to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity." WITI's mission is to build, empower and inspire women in technology and across all business sectors by supporting each other as women. thank you for the invitation david (president of WITI and son of the amazing carolyn leighton). tatiana had the pleasure of meeting other brilliant, well-educated, talented women and believes WITI is a phenomenal resource for all women. We look forward to continuing our involvement with the organization.

click the headline above to watch the video of carolyn leighton. so inspiring. she speaks of her mother being her role model and inspiration from the time she was ten-years old, recalling how she used to sit and watch her mother work and run her own business. her experiences and philosophies are definitely those with which many of us can relate.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a little blogging humor...

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Oops, too late. Thanks to Ron Gould for sending this over. I will consider myself warned. To quote a wise man: "Humor dances near the white-hot flame of truth."